Creating Infrastructure For Canonical Typology

The Surrey Morphology Group proposes to bring together linguists from different perspectives to outline the issues relevant for the creation of an ontology for Canonical Typology in the form of a Community of Practice Extension (COPE) within the GOLD ontology for linguistics (Farrar and Langendoen 2003; see also: Contributions may address the following issues: the canonical criteria for defining different morphosyntactic features (case, gender, number, etc.); defining canonical criteria for syntax-morphology interaction (agreement, government, head, modifier, etc.); practical issues for the fieldworker; issues of computational implementation and reasoning. We invite papers on these and related topics from computational linguists, fieldworkers, typologists, as well as researchers working on ontologies.
From Friday, January 09 2009
To Saturday, January 10 2009
The University of Surrey
Guildford, Surrey,
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